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The Oklawaha Greenway — An Overview

Hendersonville’s 3.5 mile Oklawaha Greenway winds through wetlands, meadows and forests to connect four parks. It takes its name from a Cherokee word meaning “slowly moving muddy waters” because much of the Greenway runs along Mud Creek, a key part of the Henderson County watershed. The Audubon Society recently named the Greenway as a birding “hot spot” because of the wide variety of birds it attracts. Wildflowers, native trees and small mammals abound. The fully paved Greenway is a five-minute drive from downtown Hendersonville and easily accessible from five convenient parking areas.

 New Greenway Master Plan for Henderson County

A draft Greenway Master Plan has been posted at the County’s new Greenway website, Please take a minute to review the draft plan and complete the short greenway survey which is posted on the website.

Show your Support for the Greenways Master Plan

There are three meetings in November where the master plan will be presented. These county boards must approve the Greenway Master Plan before it moves on to the Henderson County Board of Commissioners for final review and approval. Please come to as many of these meetings as you can. Speak if you wish, but just your presence will make a statement.

For more information, contact the Friends of the Oklawaha Greenway.

Recreational Advisory BoardPlanning BoardTransportation Advisory Committee
Tuesday, November 13Thursday, November 15Wednesday, November 21
Noon5:30 pm4:00 pm
Athletics and Activity CenterCounty Meeting RoomCounty Meeting Room
708 South Grove St.100 North King Street100 North King Street

You might also want to take a minute to write a letter, e-mail or call the Board of Commissioners in support of greenways. Addresses are available at:

 Community Support for the Greenway

To date, 36 area organizations have written letters in support of the Oklawaha Greenway. See the letters.

 Seen on the Greenway

 Latest News

A summary of Oklawaha Greenway news and events. See more information.
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 Lately on the Greenway

Recent Greenway notes and observations from our Greenway Scouts.

Thursday, October 25, 2018: Progress on New Bridge – We had a lovely autumn stroll on the Greenway yesterday. Fall flowers are almost gone, and there's not a lot of fall leaf color this year. But there are plenty of good things we noticed: The water stations are still on -- it's so helpful not to have to carry

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 Weather Near the Greenway

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Johnson Field Airport is a Weather Underground personal weather station located at Hendersonville Airport.

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