Bicycles on the Greenway

The Oklawaha Greenway is very popular with bicyclists of all ages! Here are some things to keep in mind as you enjoy the Greenway on your bike:

Pedestrians Have the Right of Way. Bicycles must yield to pedestrians. When passing, call out “passing” or, if you bicycle has a bell, ring it to alert those in front of you.

Maintain a Safe Speed. Please slow down when rounding curves, passing other Greenway users, traveling downhill, approaching intersections, or when conditions dictate.

Use Caution at Street Crossings. Please slow and stop at all street crossings and use caution when proceeding into the intersection, even when using a marked crosswalk.

Respect Private Property — Stay on the Greenway. Please stay on the paved and marked trail at all times.

Bicycle Repair Stations. There are stations with air pumps and common tools for simple bike repairs at the trailhead parking lot on Balfour Road, the intersection between the Greenway and North Main Street, and near the trailhead in Jackson Park. If the air pumps need maintenance please send an email and let us know which location needs service.

Call 911 in case of an emergency. On the Oklawaha Greenway, use the trail marker numbers as references.

See the Rules, Regulations and Trail Etiquette page for other bike-related tips.